Argon Global Balanced (BIV)

The Fund is a prudential global balanced portfolio. It seeks to take the best ideas across the range of products, including equities, bonds, money market, international, commodities and asset allocation. These are combined to produce the best risk-return profile for a prudential investor with a long-term horizon.

Product Objective

The Fund aims to achieve real returns of 6% over a 5-year period.


15% Global Equity + 60% SA Equity + 5% Africa + 15% SA Bonds + 5% SA Cash

Risk Definition

Relative Risk

Risk Budget/Profile

High risk. Maximum long term real returns.

Time Horizon

5 years

Investment Universe

Global Equities, bonds and cash, commodities, derivatives, SA Equities
SA Bonds, SA Cash

Investment Strategy

Strategic asset allocation
Tactical asset allocation
Dynamic asset allocation