Argon SA Bond Fund

The fund invests in listed South African government and corporate bonds, including nominal and inflation linked bonds. 

The fund is actively managed and seeks to extract alpha (outperformance of the benchmark) from the following sources:

  • Duration position relative to the benchmark 
  • Credit for yield pick up 
  • Opportunistic trading 
  • Yield curve positioning

Product Objective

1% benchmark out-performance over a rolling 12 month period.


BEASSA All Bond Index (ALBI)

Risk Definition

Relative Risk

Risk Budget/Profile

  • Moderate risk. Max 1 year active duration level relative to the benchmark.
  • Focus on incremental alpha generation on a month to month basis.

Time Horizon

1 year

Investment Universe

South African listed nominal government bonds, inflation linked bonds and South African corporate credit

Investment Strategy

  • Constrained active duration
  • Credit
  • Active trading