Argon Absolute Return Fund

The fund follows an asset allocation approach. Strategic asset allocation is structured to generate long-term real returns. Tactical asset allocation around the strategic bands takes advantage of short-term asset mispricing. Dynamic asset allocation strategies are used to protect capital over a rolling 12 month period.

Product Objective

  • Outperform the benchmark over a rolling 3 year period
  • Protect capital over a rolling 12 month period 


Consumer Price Index (CPI) + 4%

Risk Definition

Absolute Risk

Risk Budget/Profile

Low risk budget. Seeks to protect capital on a rolling 12 month basis.

Time Horizon

1 year

Investment Universe

SA equities, SA nominal bonds, SA cash & money market instruments, SA property & SA inflation linked bonds

Investment Strategy

  • Strategic asset allocation
  • Tactical asset allocation
  • Dynamic asset allocation