Product comparisons

Product Objective

Outperfom pure money market funds over a rolling 12-month period

To outperform the better of bonds or cash over an interest rate cycle.


Short-term Fixed Interest Rate Index (STeFI) 

Short-Term Fixed Interest Rate Index  (STeFI) x 110%

Risk Definition

Absolute Risk

Absolute Risk

Risk Budget / Profile
  • Low risk. Seeks to generate alpha at minimum credit, term and interest rate risk.
  • Minimise alpha volatility on a monthly basis

Moderate risk. Seeks to pect capital on a rolling 12-month basis.

Time Horizon

1 year

1 year

Investment Universe

South African cash and money market instruments and short dated bonds

South African listed nominal bonds, inflation-linked bonds and money market instuments.

Investment Strategy
  • Constrained active duration
  • Credit
  • Unconstrained active duration
  • Credit
  • Active trading
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