Argon BCI Absolute Return Fund

Investment Objective
The Argon BCI Absolute Return Fund aims to provide investors with an absolute real inflation beating total return over any rolling 3-year period.
Investment Universe
The portfolio is managed in compliance with prudential investment guidelines for retirement funds in South Africa to the extent allowed for by the Act. In order to achieve its objective, the investments normally to be included in the portfolio may comprise a combination of ass ets in liquid form, money market instruments, interest bearing securities, bonds, debentures, corporate debt, equity securities, property securities, preference shares, convertible equities and non-equity securities. To provide a limited level of capital protection, the portfolio’s equity exposure may be as high as 40% of the portfolio’s net asset value.
ASISA Category
SA Multi Asset Low Equity
CPI +4% p.a.
Time Horizon
1 – 3 years
Risk Profile
Low | Low - Medium
  • Generally low risk portfolios have minimal equity exposure or no equity exposure, resulting in far less volatility than a more aggressive mandated portfolio and in turn the probability of capital loss (permanent/temporary) is less likely.
  • However, expected potential long term investment returns could be lower over the medium to long term.